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MY MASCULINITY HELPS video produced by Dr. Marc A. Grimmett [and David Hambridge] is a wonderful tool to aid men in understanding the role and responsibility we have in ending violence against women and girls while promoting healthy and respectful manhood.  While this video was produced primarily to explore the experiences of African American men its message crosses all cultural groups.  I recommend this video to all groups of men, young and older. This is a great tool for viewing followed up with small or large group discussions. Dr. Grimmett would be an excellent choice for facilitating discussions groups related to this video. ~Tony Porter, Co-founder & Co-director of A CALL TO MEN – The Next Generation of Manhood

As a black man who does sexual assault prevention work, I appreciated the film’s purpose and tone so I’m extremely happy to support it. Given the very public discussions surrounding black masculinity the past few weeks, the film couldn’t have been released at a better time. Let’s hope it gets the attention it deserves.  ~Duane de Four, peaker, educator and blogger working to prevent sexual assault, dating violence and promote comprehensive sexual health education

You can find Duane’s post about MY MASCULINITY HELPS here: http://www.howmanly.com/manly-film-and-tv/take-a-second-and-check-out-my-masculinity-helps/

USA TODAY COLLEGE Voices: MY MASCULINITY HELPS takes an unflinching look at race, gender roles

I showed your film to my doc [documentary] production students…and…they loved it.  In fact, some of the women said that it was the best documentary I have shown them all semester…All of them seem to appreciate how you told the story and put it together…One of my female students…mentioned that she appreciated that you presented the problem and presented a solution…[and] seeing Black people talking about the issues…because most videos that she has seen on the subject of sexual assault against women have featured White characters and White experts…so she really appreciated the fact that there were Black people in it…”~Natalie Bullock Brown, award-winning and Emmy nominated producer and consultant, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Film & Interactive Media, Saint Augustine’s University

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the documentary. I left the [screening location] feeling uplifted, empowered and informed.  Not very often does someone present alternative, positive representations of black male identity. You did an amazing job! I’m still grappling with the questions I raised regarding gender normativity and the black church.~Marcus Benning, male undergraduate student in History and Linguistics at Duke University

I want to thank you for making that documentary and sharing with our class yesterday. It was very well done and I think it will have a positive influence on many people; any age group, any gender, any race. On a personal level it was a very hard thing to watch, I managed not to cry during the presentation but as soon as K. and I were away from the others in our class I did. It was very touching, real, and enlightening. The definitions and statistics were clear and made everything real, a little too real for me as I was able to finally clarify my assault as rape, something that I was unprepared for while watching. Plus [school name] is my undergrad campus as well and very involved with what happened to me. It really helped me to start to get a hold on my situation and realize how brave the people in your documentary were for telling their story. It brought so many perspectives into one place and real people discussing their opinions on the matter. That documentary makes me extremely proud to be able to call you my professor. ~Female graduate student